Grade 6 Lesson Plans

Science Grade 6:

  • Vertebrate vs Invertebrate
  • Flight Unit: Air in Motion Experiment

Grade 6 Science Lesson #1

Grade 6 Science- Air in Motion

Health Studies Grade 6:

  • Ideal Body in Media

Grade 6; Health Studies; Ideal Body in Media

English Language Arts Grade 6:

  • Poetry: Biography Poem
  • Poetry: Personification Poem
  • Grammar: Proper Paragraph Writing
  • Peer Editing Lesson

Grade 6 Biography Poem Lesson

Personification Poem Lesson Plan

Grade 6 English Language Arts Paragraph Writing

English Language Arts- Editing and Reviewing

Mathematics Grade 6:

  • Sum of Angles in Quadrilaterals

Grade 6 Mathematics- Sum of Angles in Quadrilaterals

Unit Plan:

  • Colonization and its effect on Early Indigenous people

Overall Unit Plan Breakdown


Social Studies lesson

Arts Education Lesson 

Science Lesson

Physical Education lesson