My name is Cassidy Oesch and I’m an aspiring math and science secondary teacher who is learning how to incorporate technology into my classroom, once I earn my degree. I’m attending the University of Regina ~GO RAMS~ and hoping to be apart of the graduating class of 2020!

Through my education I am learning the ability to self-reflect and become a stronger more educated teacher who will strive in all classrooms; diverse in ethnicity, sexual diversity, and learning styles. Through this blog, I am hoping to keep a professional collection of my work and growth as an educator. Following through from ECMP classes and ECS placements, I hope there are strong showings of progress and learning.

So thanks for joining me on my journey, reading my blogs, laughing at my daily mistakes or the fact that I am learning to knit! As well I hope you enjoy the journey through my education degree and the beautiful learning curves that come with our amazing profession of being teachers.

Either way… Go read!